Flowplus Oy specializes in the maintenance and operation of flow technology. The customer base consists mainly of operators in the industrial, energy and infrastructure sectors. The offering includes versatile service & maintenance services for valves, pumps, electric motors and other rotating machines. Flowplus, operating out of nine locations throughout Finland, has a proactive maintenance concept driving their customers’ maintenance costs down and reliability up.

“The Flowplus philosophy and way of working aligns perfectly with what condence.io has been built for, condition monitoring of multiple critical varying assets in multiple locations. Their focus in industries using rotating machines and the understanding of the benefits of managing and understanding machine health over the life cycle of the machine is an ideal environment for condence.io technology,” comments Janne-Pekka Karttunen, CEO at Distence.

Condence.io technology identifies growing problems early on due to its advanced features, including a wide range of vibration frequencies and long sample lengths. Using condence.io technology, Flowplus professionals get a tool that, with the help of its analysis and clear graphics, gives not only a comprehensive look into the health of the machines but also more time to plan and react accordingly thus increasing their operational excellence and contributing to higher value-add to their customers.

“Condence complement s our offering and will be integrated into our Flowdicator monitoring offering. We have several cases in the sales pipeline, and the first deliveries are already made. We are excited this to initiate this collaboration”

Jarmo Piippo, Founder & CEO, Flowplus Oy
Read more about Flowplus Oy and Condence at:

Flowplus Oy: https://www.flowplus.fi

Condence solution page: https://condence.io

Distence Oy: https://www.distence.fi/en/