Solutions for Industrial Maintenance Professionals and OEM’s

We are in the business of maximizing machine health. We build solutions with cutting edge technology that make your rotating industrial assets last longer, produce more and perform better. Our solution helps your service organization and customers run more efficiently and increase asset reliability consistently.

15 years of global scale expertise in an industrial environment has been put into the Condence platform. The solution provides the relevant tools and scalability needed to build a future proof industrial IoT solution. Our specialty is in rotating machinery utilizing a combination of a SaaS-platform, advanced communication and data transfer, vibration analysis and other continuous condition monitoring methodologies – all in one package.

Distence’s flexible technology allows our customers to connect their assets to decision making, globally, free from time and place. The solution offers an end-to-end platform, from sensor to analytics with recommendations. With mature fast-to-deploy asset- and industry specific solutions, the platform is built to scale for global operations.

Higher rate of return for the industrial capital

We deliver an industrial internet solution based on operational requirements and ROI goals.

Prescriptive maintenance

Machines self-diagnose and suggest actions for maintenance teams operating on- or off-site, in-house or from a service provider remote service center.

Higher Autonomy

The life cycle costs represent up to 90% of the total costs of industrial machinery. We deliver an efficient solution to reduce and optimise this total cost of ownership.

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The new product from KraftPowercon is part of delivering their customer promise, “we ensure that you can focus on optimizing your core business”. It uses technology from Distence. The new solution unveils hidden and

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